Colour Selector

Colour Selector 2.1.4

Colour selection and blending aimed at Web developers


  • Preview colors


  • Only web-safe colors
  • Confusing copy colour functions


Colour Selector is a good choice for web designers looking for a free color picker.

The program shows only HTML hexadecimal 'web-safe' colours both in a colour palette and a colour selector. You can save up to ten favorites and play around with the red, green and blue sliders to reach the colour you're looking for. Colour Selector includes a small preview window at the bottom of the interface with a large selection of fonts to test out your new colours.

We did the find the 'copy colour' functions a little confusing. For first time users, it's best to hover your cursor over each function to understand well what they can be useful for. You'll find these handy to transfer colours that you are testing out or blending two colours together.

Overall, Colour Selector will come useful to those of you looking to pick colours to be used on web projects. And best of all, it's free!

Colour Selector is an application for selecting, mixing and previewing colours, intended primarily for Web developers as it deals directly in HTML hexadecimal colours. It features several colour selection and display modes, can copy and paste HTML colours, and supports drag and drop.

Colours can be selected via RGB and HSV sliders, entered as an HTML hex code, or chosen from a colour palette or a bank of favourite colour slots. Pairs of colours can be blended together to obtain an in-between colour, for if you want to adjust one colour to be more like another. Text preview is also available, to determine how text of a particular font and size will look in a particular colour, over a chosen background colour.

All the program’s settings (with the exception of the live colour copy state) are saved when the program exits, and restored again when next loaded.

Colour Selector


Colour Selector 2.1.4

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